Highway Belgrade-Zrenjanin still through the land of PKB or around, and 25 km longer?

insajder pkbNot even a week after resor Minister ZoranaMihajlović denied that the road from Belgrade towards Zrenjanin will expand by purchasing the land of PKBA which is sold to Al Dahra company, and announced that the experts will decide on the road, the confirmation that the road will go through that land comes “from the highest place” of political decision – from the President.

Journalists of the "Insajder" investigated the sale of PKB land in the Banat part of Belgrade and spotted a possible failure of the sale - for the announced and necessary expansion of the Zrenjanin road, the state would have to buy the newly sold plots! (https://goo.gl/t6FSKv) The resort minister denied this, arguing that since the extension this time has been dropped, the decision was made to build a highway from Belgrade to Zrenjanin, which certainly will not go over the sold plots, but at that point, she did not have any information where the road will go through. Such a decision, if adopted, is certainly a surprise, and is contrary to previous announcements and plans. (https://goo.gl/Kg5Ssb)e

The truth is, the news about highway construction, firstly was published in November 2018, around one month after the PKB land was sold to Al Dahra. (https://goo.gl/bhJy3M) From the news it can easily be concluded that there is no word about independent decision of Serbian Government, about what has a priority of financing from the state budget, but is about the necessity of Chinese investor that his production plants near Zrenjanin connect with the highway network. There is nothing controversial in that will, but it would be suitable that the will realizes through giving the opportunity for the interested investor to build a highway through concession, but not the state to finance the highway construction from the budget or credits, for which there is no previous calculation.

However, for the highway, one thing is for sure, it will depart from Borča (municipality on the current road Beograd-Zrenjanin), and it should go nearby Opovo (a municipality which is also on the current Zrenjanin road). Namely president Vučić, today in his pre-election political-promotional campaign promised to the citizens of Opovo that the highway will connect them with Belgrade, Zrenjanin and Novi Sad. (https://goo.gl/oibDpk)

When we look at the map of PKB land, which is sold to Al Dahra, we can see the highway which would go from Opovo, towards Zrenjanin, can be built without PKB sold land, only if it is around 25 km longer, and in that case it would go through Pančevo.

In any case, government representatives who give information on the spoon about investments worth several hundreds millions of euros, now own the answer about why did they by selling the state-owned land alongside the existing Zrenjaninski put significantly hampered and/or raised one the possibilities for development of the transport infrastructure and who is responsible for that mistake.