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Special specifications

Ministry of Interior continues to hide data about the money of the citizens that it spends on purchase of vehicles. After hiding of data on the price of patrol vehicles, now the data about the price of 60 “marica”, 12 fire-department and eight medical vehicles remains hidden.

Like in previous “secret” procurements, the vehicles have been exhibited, media spectacle created, but the minister refused to state how much the vehicles cost “because police units ask for special specifications”.

What are these special specifications that represent the cause for hiding of the price of "marica”?

In which way will publishing of data on the price of medical vehicle for the police unit in one city or fire-department vehicle in other, could endanger the safety of their work?

Would the moral of the unit be endangered if it turns out that fire-department vehicle in one city is equipped differently than for the other (because units ask for special specifications), therefore it cost more?

And again in recognizable manner, Minister attempted to make a scene of transparency, by claiming that although he cannot show the contract to insure the public of how much the vehicles were paid, “all is transparent” because the “budget of MUP contains special line for such purposes”.

The fact is, however, that this purchase is just“the part of procurement for this year”, and that the budget has several lines that are dedicated to procurements for the sector for emergency situation or for purchasing of vehicles.

Therefore, for example, for increasing the capacity of the Sector for Emergency Situation in the goal of adequate reacting in extraordinary situations 200.000.000 is envisaged, for increasing the logistic special-technical capacity of the organizational units of the Ministry of Interior- 350.000.000, and for modernization of the vehicles of MI - 850.000.000.

On the basis of this one cannot suppose how much these vehicles with "special specifications" cost.