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When law doesn’t rule
State capture of the judiciary, prosecution, police in Serbia
Political influence
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Is the president of the state dealing with public company directors?

Media speculation about whether the President of the state, Aleksandar Vucic, dissatisfied with the fall of Serbia in ranking countries for the ease of doing business, demands the dismissal of directors of certain public companies, would not be significant, if it was denounced by anyone and presented to the citizens that the directors of public companies are set up and dismissed by the Government Serbia, when, according to the procedure from the Law on Public Enterprises, it is established that they have not fulfilled plans or that they have been performing unprofessional work, and not the President of the Republic.

Transparency Serbia on this occasion reminds that Serbia has another, much bigger problem when it comes to directors of public companies - the vast majority of them are not even appointed after the competition, which are mandatory since 2012, but they are acting as executives. In this status, they can be easily replaced for any arbitrary reason and by political structures that have also arbitrarily placed them in those places.

The consequences are the survival of political influence where it should not be, the humiliation of the rule of law, and often the worst work of the public enterprises themselves.