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When law doesn’t rule
State capture of the judiciary, prosecution, police in Serbia
Political influence
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Analysis of the risk of corruption in public - private partnership rules

A list of non-executable solutions

Representatives of the Media Coalition in the Dialogue Team submitted to the Coordination Group of the Government of Serbia for Cooperation with the Media a list of 601 non-executed decisions that were brought against the complaints made to the Commissioner for violation of the right to free access to information of public importance and demanded their immediate execution.

According to Transparency’s evaluation, the execution of the Information Commissioner's decision is important not only for citizens, journalists and associations that requested copies of documents and data from the authorities, but also as a basic indicator of whether there is a rule of law in Serbia. 

The fact that there is at least one unresolved decision of the Commissioner, and that it passes without the reaction of the Government, which by law ensures the execution of the decision, and the Assembly, which the Commissioner realizes with this fact in the annual report, is a sign that neither the legal system is functioning nor there is a " political will "that those who break the law endure at least political consequences.