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TS' proposal of resolution on the consideration of the Report of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance

Transparency Serbia submitted to the National Assembly Committee on the Judiciary, Public Administration and Local Self-Government aproposal of resolution on the consideration of the Report of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

At its session on June 17, the Committee should consider Commissioner's report on the im plementation of the two laws under his jurisdiction, as well as the annual reports of Ombudsperson and Anti-Corruption Agency. In the previous years, these reports were not discussed or were discussed with big delay at the sessions of the relevant committees, and the Parliament did not consider them in the plenum since 2014.

The session of the Committee was scheduled two weeks after the release of the European Commission report, which, among other things, pointed again to this and a host of other bad practices of the parliament.

Transparency proposed that in the resolution proposal (which should be adopted by Parliament at the plenum), it is noted that despite the previous conclusions of the National Assembly, the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance is not improved yet, and that the Parliament invites Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government to open a public debate as soon as possible, taking into account SIGMA recommendations and proposals made during the public debate in 2018.

The proposal invites all proposers of laws and other regulations to make sure that the provisions of other regulations do not violateprovisions of the law regulating access to information of public importance and protection of personal data, and the Government to propose as soon as possible the appropriate amendments to the law in connections with which the most severe obstacles for exercising citizens' rights have already been observed (Article 102 of the Law on Defense, and Article 45 of the Law on Protection of Competition).

If the TS proposal is adopted, the National Assembly would urge the Government of Serbia to ensure the execution of 238 final, binding and enforceable decisions of the Commissioner, and at the same time obliged tosubmit a report on the implementation of conclusions to the National Assembly within six months andthe report on the implementation of RS conclusions 42 and 43, from 5 June 2014 within 15 days.

The whole proposal (in Serbian).