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Within this project Transparency Serbia will conduct a research that will be focused on the compliance of public procurements, public-private partnerships and state aidpractice with Serbian obligations within the context of European integration, in particular in the context of the Interim agreement on trade and trade-related and SSA. The research will cover cases from previous years that are known in the public as problematic for favouring either national firms (from the Republic of Serbia) or firms from another particular country (from EU, CEFTA region or from elsewhere). The reason to conduct this research is to identify to which extent the rules aimed to guarantee equal access to the market are demonstrated in practice and to which extent various mechanisms of favouring and circumvention are in place. The research will include up to 5 biggest investment projects that are related to the energy sector, including investments of companies from China, investments related to the Kostolac power plant, Belgrade Waterfront project and South Stream.



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