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Transparency Serbia requests information on polling stations abroad

Transparency Serbia said it filed a freedom of information request for the criteria used for polling stations outside the country.

The Serbian Foreign Ministry set up polling stations in some diplomatic missions but there were complaints from Serbians living abroad about the number of those polling stations in individual countries.

Transparency Serbia said it asked the Foreign Ministry to disclose the criteria it based its decision on the number of polling stations and where they were opened. A press release said that the organization wants to know if the opening of a polling station required 100 registered voters and whether polling stations were opened in every place that had 100 registered Serbian voters. Under Serbian law, polling stations can have no less than 100 voters and no more than 2,500 with the consent of the Republic Election Commission (RIK) required to open polling stations for fewer than 100 voters. The Foreign Ministry recommends where and how many polling stations should be opened abroad.

Transparency Serbia also requested information on the number of registered voters abroad.

Polling stations were not opened in Australia, China and South Africa for the April 3 elections.