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Budget rebalancing increases the income of parliamentary parties

The budget rebalancing will bring to the parliamentary political parties an additional 181,335,000 dinars (about €1,580,000) that were not foreseen in the original budget for 2022. The total allocation for this purpose will be one billion and 565 million dinars (about €13.3 million).

Thus, by the end of 2022, the SNS list will receive approximately 57 instead of 50 million per month, the UPS list about 19 instead of 17, and the SPS-JS list 16.5 instead of 14.6 million dinars. In addition, it can be expected that the parties will be paid the difference for the previous month in December. The exact amount will depend on how the Ministry of Finance implements the law, since the composition of the parliament was changed in August. The table shows the calculation made by TS based on the current convocation.

rebalans eng

This change is following the Law on Financing of Political Activities and is a direct consequence of the planned increase in budget revenues. However, the problem is that not a single word of explanation was provided in the explanation of the budget amendment proposal

The Fiscal Council also pointed out the absence of explanations for more important budget changes, especially concerning the non-transparency of money flows intended to cover the losses of public companies. It is also evident from the rebalance that the costs of conducting the April elections amounted to approximately one billion and 680 million dinars. Even in this case, the explanation does not show a detailed structure of costs.