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Transparency - Serbia emphasizes that present Government of Serbia, is already third in a row that openly violates its obligation from article 28 of the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance and when necessary doesn’t provide execution of final Commissioner’s decisions. We consider such (non)proceeding as contrary to proclaimed goal of fight against corruption, not only for violation of one of anticorruption regulations, but because public is deprived of many information that provide reliable data on whether there were abuses in state institutions’ work.

Transparency - Serbia thinks that Government sends bad signal to all authority organs. Above all, we are certain that such (non)proceeding of Government is one causes of disturbing increase of unexecuted Commissioner’s decisions. In general such phenomenon threatens to weaken already insufficient discipline of state organs in fulfilling of their legal obligations.

If the Government continues to violate stated legal obligations, Transparency – Serbia expects from the National Assembly to take it into consideration during debate on annual report of Commissioner and that will influence with its criticism to changing of such practice of executive authorities.

Transparency - Serbia

Belgrade, March 10th 2010.