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Partnership with expected outcome

One of the political opponents of the current government indicated that just finalized choice of strategic partner for „Morava koridor“ was not transparent. It is more likely to say that the Government of Serbia highly transparentlylead the process to the outcome with only one bid on the table.

National Assembly in the July adopted special Law for Morava koridor. Main target of that Law was acceleration of expropriation. if that was the goal, there was no reason to adopt special regulation just for one infrastructural object, but they could be improved in general law that regulates this matter.

Law drastically violated the system of public procurements and public – private partnerships in the Republic of Serbia by regulating that these laws should not be implemented, but that the choice of strategic partner will be done on the basis of Governmental regulation.  Regulation from August 2019. regulated not only the election procedure, but determined conditions and criteria for the election that are obviously discriminatory.


Namely, it is regulated that as much as 70 percent of potential indicators, company or consortium accomplishes based on experience in designing and construction of high-ways, bridges, river regulations, in the past 15 years, but exclusively on the territory of „southeast Europe“! Like only the Balkans has the rivers similar to Zapadna Morava or roads and bridges that should pass beside or over that river.

There may have been some other potential bidders besides the winning one that could fulfill conditions for bidding, but the fact remains that none of them answered.

Not even the companies that build the roads in other areas of Serbia on the basis of direct arrangement as part of the international agreement or based on tender. Their decision, could be influenced by, besides relatively short deadline for delivering of bids and guarantees, Government of Serbia on October 2018 signing of (legally optional) „Memorandum of understanding in construction of „Moravski koridor“ precisely with the representatives of winning consortium.