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Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy and Inclusive Political Dialogue

Project Title: Strengthening Parliamentary Democracy and Inclusive Political Dialogue

Start Date: January 2020 End Date: December 2023

Transparency Serbia (TS) proposed activities:

Outcome 1: The National Assembly in Serbia fosters a culture and implements systems that ensure effective and routine dialogue (cross-party dialogue between MPs and with citizens) and access to information in order to ensure better and more inclusive policy-making processes

Activity 1.1: Support to the GOPAC national branch, the Parliament and its committees in organization of public hearings and adoption of draft laws and amendments promoting transparency and public participation

Outcome 2: Local assemblies are transparent in providing information to citizens and civil society and empowered to better fulfill their democratic role and respond to citizen’s needs.

Activity 2.1: Support to local assemblies, CSOs and relevant national stakeholders in organization of public hearings on local level

Activity 2.2. Support to local assemblies and their chairs to establish policies for greater transparency and to promote greater engagement

Outcome 3: Citizens and civil organizations, especially women, engage more actively with parliaments at the central and local level as conveners of inclusive dialogue and by providing inputs to law and policy-making.

Activity 3.1: Forum on political dialogue between GOPAC, Parliament and civil society on anti-corruption issues


The project was supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) office in Belgrade. All views expressed belong to the TS and do not necessarily reflect the views of UNDP


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