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Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA)

Transparency - Serbia in cooperation with Transparency International and with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), implements the research project "Business Integrity Country Agenda (BICA)"

The main activity within this project is research, based on the methodology developed and developed by Transparency International, which, among other things, includes analysis of legal solutions and current practice of their implementation in a wide range of areas relevant to successfully fighting corruption in the business environment.

BICA research starts from three key groups that have a great impact on the integrity and responsibility in the business of the business sector:
- public sector: The regulatory environment in which companies operate is influenced by factors such as laws and regulations, financial and audit requirements, etc.
- business sector: The way in which companies themselves contribute to business with integrity, such as compliance with the code of ethics, transparency in work, etc.
- civil society: The environment in which companies operate is also influenced by activities for monitoring business behavior, various types of cooperation with companies, providing support, etc.

Each of these groups is assessed through selected key thematic areas and pre-designed indicators that are taken into account when assessing the fulfillment of standards for the successful fight against corruption in the business sector. The findings of the research should provide data for formulating changes in regulations and / or changes in practice in order to improve the fight against corruption in this area.

In addition to research, a number of other activities are planned aimed at strengthening the business sector (round tables and workshops, assistance in formulating internal procedures, etc.) and promoting research findings and recommendations.

The project is implemented from 2019-2021.



BICA Conference 16 December 2020 on TS Youtube channel:

BICA konferencija 16. decembra 2020. na Youtube kanalu TS:

Conference on Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnerships - May 31, 2021


BICA ZOOM konferencija


TS initiatives for solving problems identified in the BICA report (initiatives in Serbian): .





Analysis of drafts and law proposals, which are related to the subject of BICA research and TS proposals for their improvement (in Serbian):

TS proposed amendment to the Law on Electronic Invoicing - April 2021

TS commentary and suggestions regarding ODIHR recommendations - March 2021

TS proposals for amending the draft Law on Prevention of Corruption - May 2019

TS analysis and proposed amendments to the proposed amendments to four anti-corruption laws - December 2019

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