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Improving Local Transparency Index (LTI) Scores in GAI Counterpart Local Self-Governments (LSGs)

Government Accountability Initiative supports efforts to increase public participation in local government decision making and oversight and enhance the transparency and accountability of LSGs operations. GAI is providing technical assistance to 13 LSGs: Vranje,Sabac, Sombor, Vrnjacka Banja, Raska, Dimitrovgrad, Sjenica, Nis, Kragujevac, Novi Pazar, SremskaMitrovica, Stari Grad, Zabalj. The aim is to increase overall transparency, citizen engagement in local decision making, improve government responsiveness in public service delivery, institutionalize whistle-blower protection programs and reinforce anti-corruption efforts.

The Local Transparency Index (LTI) of LSGs in Serbia, developed by Transparency Serbia, offers the most comprehensive methodology for measurement of various indicators of transparency of LSGs that is currently available in Serbia. Besides enabling comparison of results between local governments and monitoring their progress over time, the LTI identifies areas that are problematic and that should be addressed to increase transparency, availability of data, and improved communication with citizens. Transparency Serbia produced and published overall LTI reports with results for all LSGs in Serbia that presents state of transparency as it was in the first half quarter of 2019.

The methodology that is being used and volume of collected data allows in-depth and comprehensive analysis for each LSG and for each area covered by the survey. The LTI methodology uses various indicators of transparency that correspond to areas of technical assistance provided by GAI. As such, it represents one of main performance indicators of GAI.

The goal of this assignment is to develop detailed analyses with recommendations for each of the GAI counterpart LSGs, and to conduct workshops with LSGs to present findings and facilitate development of action plans by each LSG with detailed steps to improve LTI ranking.





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