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Open Budget Index

The Open Budget Index is the world's only independent survey of comparative measures to increase the transparency of national government budgets. The survey assigns transparency scores on a scale of up to 100, based on 109 out of 140 questions from the questionnaire. These issues focus on whether the authorities inform the public about information from eight key budget documents in accordance with international good practice standards.


In Serbian (2015 and 2018 in English):

Srbija pala na listi Indeksa otvorenosti budžeta april 2020

Srbija nazadovala po otvorenosti budžeta januar 2018 (Serbia has fallen in the openness of the budget)

Srbija i dalje loše ocenjena po otvorenosti budžeta septembar 2015 (Serbia still ranked low on budget transparency)

Srbija lošije rangirana po otvorenosti budžeta januar 2013 

Srbija u srednjoj grupi zemalja po „otvorenosti“ budžeta oktobar 2010


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