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Public Procurement Performance Monitoring and Evaluation System 2010/2011

Transparency Serbia is committed to developing benchmarking, monitoring and an evaluation system for public procurement performance in Serbia. The leading idea was to provide a tool that can also be used to assess the current public procurement system and change that system over time.

The methodology for assessing the public procurement system is an effort to create a unique tool for assessing the characteristics and efficiency of the public procurement system in Serbia.

The basis for developing the methodology is the Law on Public Procurement, which entered into force on January 6, 2009, and additional bylaws, which entered into force on July 6, 2009. In addition to using the Law on Public Procurement, the methodology is based on recommendations of international organizations and general accepted good practice. Additional sources of information used are the Law on Budget System, the Law on Free Access to Information, as well as other regulations to a lesser extent.
The methodology should not be considered as a complete and permanent tool, but more as a living being exposed to constant improvement and adaptation to new situations and the development of new requirements. This does not only mean changes in the legal framework, but also changes in the economic and social environment, as well as the adaptation of the methodology to real conditions.

This methodology is one of the results of the project of the UNDP office in Belgrade and implemented by Transparency Serbia.

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