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Work plans, anual reports and job systematizations 2014

The aim of the project was to identify weaknesses in the development of work plans, work reports and human resource planning in the regulations on job systematization in a selected and limited sample (10 institutions), which includes several similar public sector institutions, and several types of institutions. all with the aim of influencing the process of public administration reform and the fight against corruption.

Namely, the internal organization of public authorities is regulated by acts on job systematization. Earlier TS research, as well as other available data, indicate that state bodies, public companies and institutions, as well as local self-government bodies not only did not assess their needs for human resources in a uniform way, but also that needs assessments were not based on analyzes. on how the internal organization should be designed in order for the institution to perform all its tasks arising from laws and strategic acts. In addition, acts on job systematization have other weaknesses, in terms of the professional profile that employees should have, previous work experience or special knowledge and skills (eg computer literacy, foreign languages). In this regard, it is often resorted to adapting the rulebook on systematization to the current or desired situation (to justify the already made decision on who will be employed), rather than it seems the other way around - to employ persons with the necessary qualifications. Although this topic is discussed in public, the data are usually presented in a lump sum and without systematically collected and presented information, which would be suitable for analysis. As a result, and not only due to insufficient knowledge and political will, there is no possibility to influence the reform processes.

Another area of ​​public sector work where there are major problems, which have a negative impact on the fight against corruption, is the issue of responsibility for work, which would be achieved through precise work plans and work reports. These issues are closely related to the previously mentioned, because human resource planning should be harmonized with what the institution plans to achieve in a given year. Likewise, performance reports should indicate, inter alia, whether existing staff have responded to these tasks.




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