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Public Administration Reform 2010

Public administration reform - capacity sizing according to needs
In relation to public administration, there is often talk of the need for rationalization, which usually means the need to reduce the number of employees. However, the problem of how to prepare acts on the systematization of jobs in state administration bodies and other public institutions remains aside. This issue is also important in connection with the third criterion from Copenhagen and the so-called "Administrative capacity" of public institutions in Serbia.

This project aims to examine the extent to which the tasks to be performed by the institution are considered when drafting the act on systematization, on the basis of which criteria assessments were made on the number of executors and professional qualifications of executors for performing certain tasks.

In addition to the above, the project aims to contribute to the achievement of broader goals such as: bringing Serbia's administrative capacity closer to EU standards, good governance in bodies that spend Serbian citizens 'and taxpayers' money and increasing the ability of public institutions to accomplish tasks that are give them laws and work plans.

Final analysis (In Serbian)

Završna analiza [doc]

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