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Transparency Serbia





Transparency Serbia is non- partisan, non-governmental and non-for profit voluntary organization established with the aim of curbing corruption in Serbia.

Transparency Serbia’s main goal is to increase transparency in the work of state organs as a way to prevent abuse of public authority for private purposes, through preventive activity - raising public awareness about the dangers and damage that corruption does to society, fostering reforms and proposing concrete recommendations.

Transparency Serbia is national chapter and representative of Transparency International in Republic of Serbia.



Current Activities


Publications and presentations

Summarized results of TS' work in 2017


Strategic Framework

Based on the goals established by the founding documents of Transparency Serbia (TS) and the Transparency International Strategy 2020, taking into account the relevant international conventions, regulations and strategic acts of the Republic of Serbia, findings and recommendations of our own and others' researches and the achievement of the Strategic Framework TS in the period 2005-2010 and 2011-2015, the Assembly of the Association, on the proposal of the Managing Board, passes the following:

Strategy for work and development of the TS for the period 2017-2020


Structure of the Organization

The bodies of Transparency Serbia organization are:

  • Assembly, which adopt most important documents of organization and elect other bodies,
  • Managerial Board, which is responsible for strategy and implementing of planned activities,
  • Supervisory board, with control function,

Legal representatives of the organization are the Executive Director, Program Director and Financial Director.

Beside bodies of organization important role in implementing of Transparency's aims has also:

  • Project managers
  • Project assistants
  • Permanent and temporary associate



Program Director (issues related to the implementation of existing and designing new anti-corruption program):

Nemanja Nenadic 


Executive Director (organizational issues of association)

Bojana Medenica


Project administration and research

Zlatko Minic

Zlata Djordjevic

Aleksandra Ajdanic

Robert Sepi

Marija Radovic

Milos Djordjevic


Web - administration

Marko Popadic


Managerial Board

Nemanja Nenadic

Nemanja Nenadic is a lawyer having 21 years of legal experience and 18 years’ professional experience in the field of fight against corruption. Worked for Transparency Serbia, OSCE, UNDP, RESPA and other international organizations, Serbian and other Western Balkans NGOs and Serbian governmental bodies and consultancy firms (mostly on EU projects) and academic institutions as legal and anti-corruption expert, trainer, lecturer, project manager and translator. Particularly experienced in following fields: corruption in general; international and national anticorruption instruments as well as anticorruption tools and measures; anti-corruption strategies; free access to information; political party and electoral campaign financing; public procurement; budget transparency, internal audit, budget accounting, codes of ethics, conflict of interest, media law, public administration reform, local government, whistle-blower protection, state aid, public – private partnerships, EU integration (chapters 23, 24, 5, 32) etc. Experienced in drafting of anti-corruption strategies, laws, by-laws, codes of ethics, internal acts, analyses of legislation and its implementation, training of NGOs, journalists, civil servants. Designed and implemented projects focused on monitoring of implementation of anti-corruption legislation and work of public institutions on central and local level.

Nemanja Nenadic Register of Interest

Bojana Medenica

Bojana Medenica - lawyer with 15 years of experience as a lawyer and manager, expert, assistant or lecturer on various projects of Transparency Serbia, including monitoring of laws’ implementation, advocacy, legal analyses and trainings. She started her career at the Law Office as a Lawyer’s assistant and joined Transparency Serbia in 2005. She has been the Executive Director of Transparency Serbia since 2007. In her work with Transparency Serbia she has focused on issues of corruption in general, free access to information, public procurements  and political party financing. She holds law degree from the The Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

Bojana Medenica Register of Interest

Natalija Lasic

Natalija Lasic Vranic is an Interior Architect with all-round experience, confident at all stages of the design process, concept to completion.  She has been working internationally in various positions within the building sector, developing an expertise across a broad spectrum of architecture and design sectors. Successfully handled regeneration, mix-use projects, new build and extension projects including building alterations and remodeling, changes of use for existing properties, redevelopment, interior design and fit-outs of varied building types from a Hotel, Commercial, Bank, Office, Educational, Healthcare, Residential. Natalija holds MA degree of Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.

Natalija Lasic Register of Interest

Zlatko Minic

Journalist with 26 years of experience, specialized in corruption-related topics with 20 years of professional experience in that field. Former member of Anticorruption Agency of Serbia’s Board. Had been deputy editor in chief at Beta News Agency, editor of Beta’s regional anticorruption web portal Clean hands (Čiste ruke). Has been working for OSCE, Transparency Serbia and other international organizations and NGOs as anticorruption expert, lecturer and trainer, and for Serbian governmental bodies as expert. Engaged as key expert on 2-year EU anti-corruption project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. More than 15 years of experience in training journalists, students and NGO representatives in the following fields: journalism in general, NGO-media relations, codes of ethics, corruption in general, conflict of interest, political party financing, free access to information, public procurements, public-private partnerships, anticorruption instruments, tools and measures. Experienced in drafting anti-corruption strategies, laws. He holds mechanical science degree from the The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade. 

Zlatko Minic Register of Interest


Supervisory Board

Marijana Trivunovic

Mrs Trivunovic is independent consultant whose expertise are in the area of good governance, public administration, public policy, political science and anti-corruption. Her work in anti-corruption begain in 1999 with Open Society Institute in Budapest, promoting civil society efforts to advance transparency and accountablity.  Since 2006 she has worked independently to support anti-corruption efforts of various governmental agencies, international organizations including Council of Europe, UNDP, and OECD, and non-governmental organisations such as Transparency International.  She is also long-term affilitated expert of the the U4 Anti-Corruption Research Centre in Norway, and has proudly served on Transparency Serbia’s Supervisory Board since 2019.

She holds BA degree in Architectural History at the University of Virginia, USA and MA degree in Southeast European at the Studies Central European University, Budapest, Hungary.

Marijana Trivunovic Register of Interest

Nikola Matic

Nikola Matic is a qualified Engineer with over 25 years’ experience of Engineering in infrastructure and buildings. He is especially skilled in multi-disciplinary project studies different segments integration under the FIDIC model of contracts. His experience embraces strategy and planning development of land transportation and the engineering of the required infrastructure, including building sector. He has large experience in negotiation, mediation, claim and contract management and problem solving on regionally funded projects. Besides regular tasks in managing companies VMS and DNEC, he is responsible for all aspects of the supervision of construction, for the administration of construction contracts under various FIDIC Conditions of Contract. He is a co-founder and Board member of the national consulting engineers’ association ACES. He served on Transparency Serbia’s Supervisory Board since 2019.

Nikola Matic Register of Interest

Dragoslav Velickovic

With MA in Economics at the University of Akron, Mr. Velickovic started his career at the Belgrade Stock Exchange as advisor and continued at the Societe Generale Banka Serbia as a Head of Investment Services in 2006. In 2012, he became Head of Macroeconomic Research and Analysis at Societe General. With the merger of Societe Generale and OTP bank, Dragoslav is current Expert for Macroeconomic Research and Analysis at OTP bank Serbia. Mr. Velickovic is one of the founder of Transparency Serbia and member of the Supervisory Board since July 2019. Dragoslav holds a 40% stake in the family run Vinogradi i vinarija Velickovic d.o.o. The other 60% is held by family members.  

Dragoslav Velickovic Register of Interest




Organization Funding

Transparency Serbia is funded mainly through project implementation grants. Transparency Serbia does not accept funding that could damage the independence of the organisation or or that might impair the independence of the organization to pursue its mission. At the same time, we emphasize on all materials produced within the projects that the opinions and views expressed belong exclusively to Transparency Serbia.

In addition to project-funded activities, Transparency Serbia is implementing many others for which there is no donor support (e.g. comments on the current anti-corruption themes, press releases, legal initiatives for adoption or amending regulation, FOI requests, etc.).

In accordance with the Law, associations may, under certain conditions, carry out business or other activities. In addition to legal requirements, Transparency Serbia has also set its own limits for accepting such jobs.

Transparency Serbia regularly submits annual financial report to the Business Registers Agency.

Data on funding source are available as well as the structure of the source of income in previous years .



Code of Ethics and other internal documents