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Press Conference

Organization Transparency Serbia invites you to attend

Press Conference

Which will take place on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 with the beginning at 11.00 o’clock,

In large room of Media Center, Terazije 3


11.00–11.10 Campaign financing and fight against corruption–Prof. dr Vladimir Goati, President of Transparency – Serbia

11.10–11.25 Have the new rules on financing introduced greater transparency and validity of data?Nemanja Nenadić, Program Director of Transparency – Serbia

-          Quality of reports on financing of presidential and parliamentary campaign

-          List of donors whose names weren't published in party web-sites

-          What expenses of advertizing and rallies were not reported

-          Examples of public institutions' and public officials' concealed campaign

11.25–11.35  Recommendations for further proceeding of authorized organs and changes of legal frameworkBojana Medenica, Executive Director of Transparency – Serbia


11.35–12.00  Questions and answers

Transparency – Serbia

Belgrade, 23 July 2012