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Transparency of election campaign financing

Transparency Serbia, in cooperation with colleagues from Transparency International of the Czech Republic, conducted a monitoring of the transparency of election campaign financing.

All participants in the elections (parties, coalitions, groups of citizens) were rated on a scale from 1 (completely non-transparent) to 5 (completely transparent).

The final grade represents the arithmetic mean of the grades in 6 areas, based on clearly defined criteria.

The following areas are covered:
1. Planned campaign expenditures.
2. Internet presence and planned Internet presence costs.
3. Payments / withdrawals to/from special account to finance the election campaign
4. Structure of planned revenues.
5. List of pre-election events.
6. Election teams, volunteers and engaged PR and marketing agencies.

The TS searched for information on the fulfillment of the criteria on the websites of political entities, their profiles on social networks, in the media, but also through questionnaires sent to all parties, coalitions and groups of citizens.

The specificity of this monitoring is that the focus is on the data that are published before the elections, so that the citizens, even before they decide who to trust, have an insight into these data. Grades are, therefore, presented before the election. Given that the publication of data before the vote, according to current regulations in Serbia, refers to a very small amount of data, this monitoring is also a promotion of good practice and an attempt to encourage political entities to higher standards. TS plans to make this monitoring a permanent practice within the broader monitoring of election processes, which our organization has been conducting for more than 15 years.

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Istraživanje je deo projekta "OPPOFIN - OPen POlitical FINances – Open accces to information as a main vehicle for transparency of election campaigns in Serbia", u okviru programa "Transition Promotion Program" Ministarstva spoljnih poslova Češke. Istraživanje se radi u saradnji sa Transparency International Češka po metodologiji koju ova organizacija već sedam godina redovno primenjuje na izborima u toj zemlji, a primenjivana je i na izborima u Slovačkoj.Metodologija je prilagođena zakonskom okviru, standardima i praksi u Srbiji. 

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