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Enhanced transparency and efficiency of public administration in four areas: Information Directories, Public debates, Public procurements and Public private partnership

Corruption in Serbia is reason for serious concern and transparency of public administration is one of the key preconditions for curbing corruption. Corruption seriously affects quality of citizens’ lives, business environment and democratic institutions when occurs in legislative process, in disposal of public funds and in providing of services by public sector institutions and enterprises.

This project seeks to strengthen the rule of law through increased transparency in the work of public authorities and improved quality of services provided to citizens. Project Enhanced transparency and efficiency of public administration in four areas is focused on compliance of public institutions with the law which is the prerequisites for the rule of law. Legislation to be monitored includes Public Procurement Law, Law on Public-Private Partnership and Concessions, Law on Free Access to Information, Rules of Procedures of Government and city Statutes. Project will contribute rule of law by identification of cases of noncompliance and reporting it to relevant authorities/initiating sanctioning procedures. TS will contribute improvement of legal framework through involvement in public debates and advocacy for improved legal framework for public debates on local level. Aside from such involvement in policy formulation and decision-making processes, project will directly contribute greater CSO participation in this areas through workshops organised for other CSOs. Public awareness components of the project and trainings for media will also contribute more effective and more accountable service providing to the citizens and disposal of public funds.

Objectives will be achieved through combination of monitoring done by Transparency Serbia, wide spreading of monitoring skills of other CSO and media (through workshops), providing of recommendations for improvement of practice to the observed authorities, providing state oversight bodies information aimed to initiate sanctioning procedures and raise of citizens awareness about current level of transparency and efficiency of public institutions’ work and its importance for citizens’ lives.

In order to help us to achive this objectives and to contribute success of this project we invite all citizens, civil-socitey organisations, media, businesses and all other interested to point us on:

-          problematic provisions of laws in procedure which need to be monitored;

-          public procurerements which, by their nature, are important for a large number of people (such as major infrastructure facilities), interests of particularly vulnerable groups, environmental and energy savings issues which need to be monitored, and those where irregularities are suspected;

-          inaccuracies (e.g. misleading data on services) in Informative Directories

-          public-private partnerships (long term business agreements between public authorities and private investors) of particular importance for citizens which need to be monitored

-          TS also invite all local-self governments interested to improve their statutory provisions about public debates to address us.


Public Procurements - key monitoring findings, May 2015

Public Private Partnerships - key monitoring findings, May 2015

Free Access to Information - key findings, May 2015

Public Debates of Regulations - key monitoring findings, May 2015


Project will be implemented in period November 28th, 2013 - May 28th, 2015 with support of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia as part of the project „EU Civil Society Facility Serbia Programme“ and Government of the Republic of Serbia - Office for Cooperation with Civil Society .

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