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On what bases will the deputies elect the director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption

Transparency Serbia sent the Parliament of Serbia an initiative to invite candidates for the director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption to the session

The law does not provide for the obligation to represent candidates on parliamentary committees or at the plenum. Deputies were provided only job resumes of the candidates and information about the conducted testing, and not the work programs. Transparency Serbia assesses that this is insufficient for MPs to choose the best candidate for this vital position based on arguments.

TS sent its initiative to the Assembly's president and all parliamentary groups, as well as an analysis of the programs submitted by the candidates in the first phase of the election procedure organized by the Judicial Academy.

The election of the Agency's director is the 24th out of 26 items on the session's agenda beginning on Friday. Ratifications of international agreements and loans, reports on the work of independent and regulatory bodies for 2021 and the election of members of parliamentary committees are also on the agenda. TS called on legislators not to combine the discussion on the election of the Agency's director with other items on the agenda.

The presentation and questioning of candidates in the Assembly would allow the citizens to see to what extent MPs are interested in the Agency's future work and whether they really make a choice at the assembly session.