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TS called on the Government of Serbia to publish the immunisation plan and declassify it

Transparency Serbia (part of the Transparency International network) today called on the Government of Serbia to publish a vaccination plan against the corona virus, i.e. to draft and publish that document if it does not already exist.

In the letter to the Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, TS indicated that the public officials have been sending widely different and imprecise statements regarding the priorities in fight against pandemic, i.e. the immunisation plan.   

"We are fully aware that the dynamics of the planned immunisation will be highly influenced by the availability of vaccines on the world market, on which the state bodies of the Republic of Serbia have no direct influence. However, regardless of the availability of vaccines, we are convinced that there is a possibility and there is a need to publish a document that will enable citizens to clearly see which groups of people are planned as a priority for the possibility of immunisation by available funds – for example, who will be offered the first 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 vaccines, etc."

Having in mind the negative experiences from the previous pandemic (so-called swine flu) when a large number of purchased vaccines remained unused, we call on the Government of Serbia to determine the need for vaccine procurement this time based on the advice of medical experts, as well as based on gathering information on citizens' interest in vaccination.

TS also called on the government to revoke the conclusion which classified data related to all procurements of drugs, tests, medical devices, personal protective equipment and other necessary means and equipment for the treatment of Covid-19 patients as "TOP SECRET".