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Transparency of state-owned and municipal-owned enterprises PETRA 2019
Access to information in European capital cities
When law doesn’t rule
State capture of the judiciary, prosecution, police in Serbia
Political influence
on public enterprises and media
Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres - ALAC
Local transparency index - LTI
Analysis of the risk of corruption in public - private partnership rules

Two major problems are identified in the area of corruption - related issues: political influence on public enterprises and political influence on media. This project aims to diminish political influence on public enterprises by electing professional management and creating environment for diminishing political influence on media by regulating state advertising. On the sample of 30 public enterprises founded by the Government of Serbia, Vojvodina government, municipalities, TS will monitor adoption of by-law, election of PEs' directors and supervisory boards, criteria for election, transparency of election process, adoption of annual plans, which include plans for advertising, marketing, sponsorships and donations, and reporting on implementation of annual plans. Collected data will then serve for creating of the report with recommendations that will be widely disseminated.



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