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The procedure for selecting a new commissioner has not begun

skupština poverenikThe official answer that Transparency Serbia received from the National Assembly confirms that the information according to which the relevant parliamentary committee started the procedure for the elections of the new Commissioner for information of public importance, by inviting parliamentary groups to nominate candidates, are not true. That means that even 55 days after the expiration of the mandate of the previous commissioner, the Committee has not started the procedure for electing a new commissioner, not even through consultations with deputy groups.

We remind you that more than 60 non-governmental organizations requested from the Committee to open the candidation and election procedure of a new Commissioner in order to enable the candidate with the best qualifications to be selected.

Namely, in National Assembly answer from February the 14th 2019, claims that:”The Culture and Information Committee did not initiate the procedure for selecting a new Commissioner for Informations of public importance and protection of Personal Data, and even did not bring the decision about initiating the election procedure.”

With this, the news published on January the 28th 2019 that “The Culture and Information Committee initiated the call for all deputy groups to deliver their recommendations” is declined.

That is when the leader of deputy group SNS (Srpskanaprednastranka) Aleksandar Martinović declared in National Assembly that his party has several serious candidates for new Commissioner for Informations of public importance and protection of Personal Data, and that their proposal will be completely opposit of previous Commissioner Rodoljub Šabić.