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Hiding information on state-owned enterprises

The danger with the adoption of changes to the Law on Free Access to Information, which envisages that state-owned enterprises are excluded from the obligation to provide data, is illustrated by the example with the Port of Novi Sad.

As early as March 2019, TS commented on developments regarding the privatization of the Port of Novi Sad. At that time, it was announced that one financial offer was declared successful.

After the unsuccessful tender, with a starting price of 15 million€, at the second attempt was accepted the (starting) price of about 8 million € and the investment over the next three years “probably more than 15 million€ (€ 14.9 million was the minimum according to tender documentation), of which 5 million to the port infrastructure.

Many questions regarding this procedure remained unanswered.

Blicpublishes now a text about a "serious fraud" in Port, and the concealment of data on the debts and claims of this company.

The newspaper says that the customer's management hid data on claims of 113 million dinars and that in just three months, after the offer for privatization was accepted, bonuses of 97 million dinars were paid to employees.