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Independent bodies' reports 2013

Corruption has long been recognized by citizens and governments as one of the biggest problems of society in Serbia, and success in the fight against corruption is considered one of the main tasks in the context of approaching the EU. Serbia has established several independent institutions (Information Commissioner, Ombudsman, Supreme Audit Institution, Anti-Corruption Agency) with competencies to implement the most important preventive anti-corruption laws. All these independent institutions submit annual reports to Parliament containing information on the problems and recommendations identified and how the fight against corruption could be significantly improved. Their responsibilities also include issuing binding decisions or recommendations relating to individual cases. Parliament only recently (2010) adopted a provision to consider these annual reports. This provided greater opportunities to take action to address systemic problems identified by independent institutions and to use their reports to oversee government work. The work of the Parliament in this sense should be monitored, especially bearing in mind the tendency, from the current Rules of Procedure, to critically consider the work of independent bodies instead of using their reports to monitor the work of the Government.

The individual decisions and recommendations of the above-mentioned institutions are not always supported by the relevant authorities (or not within the appropriate deadline).

The project will contribute to the harmonization of the legal framework for more efficient functioning of independent bodies, improvement of the practice of parliamentary oversight of the work of the Government based on reports of independent bodies, increase of awareness of recommendations / decisions of independent bodies and possible effects of anti-corruption activities.



The extension of the project was supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgrade.



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